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Need a little extra luck in your life? Visit Taipei's Longshan Temple, which houses over 100 folk gods that preside over everything from the sea to war. This colorful temple adorned with ornate dragons was originally constructed in 1738. Ask for favors from deities like Wenchang Dijun, the god of literature (who is reputed to help you study) and the Old Man Under the Moon (who pairs lovers together), and your guide will teach you how to throw the "moon stones" and help you interpret messages from these heavenly beings. Have your fortune read and learn about this bustling temple and the Buddhist/Taoist religious traditions that have made Longshan a divine destination for centuries.
So join us for an extraordinary night out in this city!


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7:30 PM

2 - 2.5 hours

Longshan Temple MRT Station Exit No.1 Google Map

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"... For the first time - I wasn't walking around in a temple totally unsure of what's going on around me. The guides explained the entire process of praying to all the different Gods very well." - 2018 Nov

jorhaa, Breda

"We learned so much about temples and how people pray in them, allowing us a much better appreciation of the culture around us. " - 2019 Jan

ed-TO, Canada

"Hank our tour guide took us to several spots and bit by bit the places and stories were building up the history of old Banka, the town Taipei was founded on. He did a good job of painting the pictures of the old days and showing us how the culture today still reflects that. " - 2018 Dec.

Sharon S

"Our guide was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kept us together for the night tour through Longshan Temple and Huaxi Market. She added colorful stories about the area's origins and even taught us how to make a basic offering at a temple." - 2018 Jan.

celticnativehistory, US

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